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We Are Now an Adult Only Site

Over the last 9.5 years that we have been here at Bush Farm, we have welcomed many lovely families to our campsite. However possibly due to a new touring site opening at Folly Farm which offers free unlimited access to its wonderful zoo and possibly other factors too, we now rarely have couples with children staying here, in fact we have no families booked for the rest of this season including the peak summer holidays! It is for these reasons we have made the decision to become adults only. We appear to have naturally become popular with mainly older couples so it makes sense for us to concentrate on the over 18 years demographic.

By going adult only we are already taking bookings for the summer from people that would otherwise have passed us over.

We are sorry to any families that may have been thinking of booking with us and would like to thank those lovely families that have stayed with us in the past.

Please note that if you wish to book our adult only site you will still need to be a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club.

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