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Beat Coronavirus. Go camping!

Because of the coronavirus more holiday makers will choose to go camping this year rather than risk being crammed into an aeroplane, cruise ship or hotel with a load of other possible carriers of the virus. So what could be better than fresh air and the great outdoors!

The daffs are out, the trees and bushes are starting to bud, the sun is strengthening. Spring is starting to show her hand and we are now on the verge of the new camping season and we are open so if you fancy a great holiday on a small select campsite in Pembrokeshire that is within easy reach of beautiful beaches, the Pembrokeshire coast path, Folly Farm and numerous other close by attractions then check out our website or our page on the

Camping and Caravanning Club website. Book early for the peak periods to avoid disappointment. Already we have days that are fully booked!

See you soon!

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