Bush Farm

Dog Agility Park & Play Field

Agility course and  fenced exercise field

Agility Course

  • Up to 15 obstacles at Kennel Club Standard 

  • Exclusive hire for just you and your dog

  • Train for fun or competition

  • Rubber coated contacts

  • Grass surface

  • Hire by the half hour or hour

  • Book your slot online or by phone

  • Advance booking only

Do not book agility unless your dog has had at least some professional training on agility equipment and has reasonable obedience.

Doggy Play & Exercise Paddock

  • Exclusive hire for just you and your dog

  • Ideal for reactive dogs and poor recall dogs

  • Fenced & gated (4 foot high fencing)

  • Run your dogs off lead free from anxiety

  • Half hour slot or 1 hour its up to you

  • Book your slot online or phone

  • Advanced booking only

  • Priced from £5

NEW! Hoopers equipment now available

1 dog 30 minutes standard price £5

1 dog 60 minutes standard price £10

Extra dogs from same household £1 per dog

Shared booking with another handler/household 

add a further 50% of standard price above plus £1 per extra dog.

example: Your 1 dog for 30 minutes shared with a friend with 2 dogs. £5+2.50+one extra dog @£1=£8.50


Ready to book your timeslot? Please read  below first.

Covid-19 & Social Distancing
Advanced bookings only please do not just turn up hoping! Government covid restrictions at time of arrival will apply.

Come Prepared
Please book in advance online or by calling 07982 492 501 Do not just turn up!

Bring your dogs drinking water with you as we do not provide it. Also bring poo bags. Do not throw your dog waste into the undergrowth or hedges.
There is no shelter in the field at present and no toilets available.

If you haven't already registered your dogs details with us then you can do so here or arrive a little earlier on your
initial visit and register then.

Please make sure you read our Terms & Conditions before you book

When you book online you will receive a confirmation email

Payment is not required on booking at present until you arrive.
Please try to give 24 hours notice when cancelling or amending your booking.

Our address is at the bottom of this page.

And finally, have fun!

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